Monday, April 24, 2017

9:11 AM

Shine Little Star

I was planning to write another review, since I have a few to share, still, something more important forced me to write another post, and the reason is friendship.
I’m the kind of person who make fun of corny things, but not today. Today I’m grateful and blessed for the love and support that I have, and one of the most important comes with the name of Samantha, sounds simple right? But let me tell you some things about her.

Laugh is contagious, people say, but she takes this matter to the next level!

She can transform a simple photo session in a quite interesting evet

She sings the weirdest songs which make you draw her dancing!

She gives the best, most thoughful presents

She has the most amazing fashion sense

And last but not least, she’s the kind of person you can spend the night waiting for a website to be open, and then fall to sleep just minutes before the question comes, to later ask you the answer and procedure, and even later go and get tattoos to celebrate! (Couldn't find her screen shot or her lighting tattoo)

But I think the most important aspect of her, is that she's one of the best friends in the world, the most kind and caring girl, and I feel bless every single day for her friendship, you are my little star Samita, keep shining girl!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

9:36 PM

The Sisters - Book Review

The Sisters by Claire Douglas

Since the momen I read "Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train" by Marie Claire, I should take that as an alert that this books was not going to be for me, still once more I ignored the comment and gave the book a chance, since I dislike when a book is recommended that way, people should know better than comparing one book with another when they have nothing in common, except that both are predictable. I should have pay attention to the book it was compared because if The Girl on the Train was bad, this one certainly was worst.
 But let me start for the beginning, or at least for the description.

"One lied, One died.
When one sister dies, the other msut go to desperate lenghts to survive.
After a tragic accident, still haunted by her twin sister's death, Abi is making a fresh start in Bath. But when she meets siblings Bea and Ben, she is quickly drawn into their privileged and unsettling circle.
When one sister lies, she must protec her secret at all costs.
As abi tries to keep up with the demands of her fickle friends, strange things start to happen -precious letters go missing and threatening messages are left in her room. Is this the work of the beautiful and capricious Bea? Or is Abi willing to go to any lenghts to get attention?
When the truth outs, will either sister survive?"

The description is a clear attempt to make mysterious and intriguing the book, which let me tell you is not!
The book starts with Abi narrating her new life, and while she let us know that she killed her sister, which was the first indication taht she was exaggerating, and that things were going to be more dramatic than trilling, the rest of the book took the same path.

Abi lost her sister in a "tragic accident" for which she blames herself, she's obsessed and lost for grieving, she goes to therapy and takes pills, and the story goes from maybe a little bit interesting to ridiculous to the point that it was almost a DNF for me.

When Beatrice appears in the book, it was kind of sick the way Abi gets obsessed with her, to the point that you start doubting if her fixation is merely for the resemblance with herself and ehr dead twin sister or if she was attracted physically to Beatrice, which later she would deny and said taht it was unbelievable and pretent that is kind of gross, but at the same time she feels curiosity to the subject of Bea previously be involved with another woman, which is very twisted since made you wonder what kind of relationship Abi had with her own twin?

By the time Ben was introduced to Abi, you pretty well know that there's something wrong in the relationship between Bea and her brother, still Abi accepts the invitation to move and live with them which is pretty much weird, because who moves to a house with people she just met?
I get that a lot of people move with strangers but common sense is that you search or meet the person before moving. But not in this case, oh no, Bea knew who Abi was from the newspaper, she read about the accident and actually cut that particular news.
As expected, Abi and Ben start dating, causing jealousy on Bea, weird things started to happen which make you doubt who was the sane and who the insane, was Abi telling the true or was it Bea?

The attempt to make the characters as if all of them were hiding something, from shy Cass who we don't know anything except for her obsession with Bea, the plain Pam who chats and chats and is older that all of them. the controlling Ben who is kind and warm and Bea who you love for moments and hate in others when she starts to ignore Abi, and about her what can we say? well, she was problematic, and lost for grieve, she's a stalker, and an obsessive personality and who was so unstable and attempted to kill herself.

There was not a single character which was likeable or at least interesting and not cliche at all. Since the beginning you notice that this is going to be a love triangle, in a twisted sick way, with lines such as "wish you could put me first instead of always worring about offending your precious sister" even when they were just dating for a few days, oh dear that was laughable, or "the two most important women in his life".

The ending was terrible, so predictable that made me laugh so hard, because it was ridiculous, and some phrases made me doubt for moments if this was actually a book from a publishing company or from an indie author who didn't have the time to edit it.

I gave this book 1 start, that bad it was!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

10:15 PM

On Netflix: Thirteen Reasons Why and A Girl Like Her

A few days ago Netflix released its new series, Thirteen Reasons Why, probably you already heard about it, how fantastic it is, and intense and so on. Probably you already know that it was based on the book with the same name by Jay Asher.

And I can't deny that as so many of you, I was curious about the series, so I gave it a go. I saw the thirteen episodes and now I need to talk about it.
From time to time I make comparisions from book to series or book to movies adaptations. Sometimes things go well, others not so much, and from time to time I wish the movie or the series didn't exist or in the case of watching first the movie and loved it wish I never ever read the book!.

To be fair with this series in particular, I must say that the adaptation was really good, even when there were little details which were change, but didn't affect the story in general or the message.
Still in their attempt to make the series more intriguing, there were characters who probably in the book didn't have much attention, and here were portrayed to the point of sound ridiculous!

All that "we need to stop Clay" was way too much, as if their part on the story was so important or the things they did was so damn horrible that made you think man, this guy probably is a serial killer, and not the jerk who made a girl wait for him for hours and then tried to touch her under her skirt to be denied and then insult her and left her crying on a cafeteria.
When I read the book, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a fan of Hannah, for the simple reason that when it was intended to be a victim, I couldn't see her like that.

I get that she was having a hard time at school, that she was bullied and didn't get the help she needed. But even when I know bullying is bullying no matter the level, what Hannah suffered wasn't as extreme like other people had suffered, and still they keep fighting and trying to do their best.
What's even more, the way Hannha decided to blame others for her own decision, because it was her decision to take her own life, was a little too much, and the tapes, oh man, it was not a cry for help or a way to help others, it was pure revenge. In a twisted way she decided to blame others and made them pay in some level with guilt and a treat to make public the tapes.
And there's the aspect of the parents with the demand to the school, as if the school was the only responsable of their daughter death. What about them? Why didn't they noticed the changes in their own daughter? Why didn't they know her friends or lack of them? Why blame the school for their lack of parenting?
All in all, it was an entertained show, and if the intention was to help others in the same situation than Hannah, I'll certainly wouldn't recommend it, there are some triggers in the last episode which are way too graphic. 

And since probably I sound like an insensitive person for not liking Hannah, let me recommend to you A Girl Like Her. It's also on Netflix, and is a movie on a documentary format.

Here the bullying is more clear, not just because someone stole my little notes or because someone put me on a list of best ass like Hannah, but real, hurtful bullying. And what's even more important, it's an exploration of both sides, the victim and the bullier. 
The victim of course tried to kill herself as a result of so much hate and hurtful moments, she ended up on the hospital, but the investigation that followed was a portrait of the reality kids live day after day.

A better portrait of the situation both girls were living, and a real powerful message at the end.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8:55 PM

Dear March and mad about hackers

Before I start my letter to March, I want to address a situation that happened a few weeks ago. It was Sunday when I got a DM on twitter from someone a person that I follow but never, ever send him a DM, he was telling me that I've been hacked, so I checked and there were a DM to every single one of the people I follow promoting I can't recall correctly since I was extremely mad, I think there were sunglasses or something of the like.
Obviously I had to change passwords and I was disappointed since it's not like I have a great reputation or anything of the like, I have a clean image, I don't botter others, I do my things and share with you what I love and enjoy, a simple life, and it's not like I have hundreds of thousands of followers either. I was so mad because someone invaded my little corner of the interwebs and used my account for a stupid promotion, and used my name to do this. 
I'm not going to lie, probably I would delete all my accounts, maybe not, I'm still struggling with this. It's not fair that someone do this to you, to anyone for that matters. I love my blog, I love my twitter account, and instagram, I love social media, and I keep thinking about the fact, why should I quit to something that I love just for someone who doesn't have ethic or respect for someone's life?
So today I wanted to share this with you. I'm mad, and I feel violated, and I feel that an unjustice happened to me, and it can happen to you, so guess my point is to be more careful with your social media, change constantly your passwords and be safe.

Dear March
I’ve always have a bittersweet relationship with you, for one side I love how temperamental you are, we never know what to expect from you. Are you going to be hot, are you going to have cold days, crazy winds, maybe some rain? You are as unpredictable as that.
I celebrate the birthday of my best friend, who as a funny fact was born an exactly one week before I did, and as he pointed out one day, "I was born in a winter Thursday, you were born in a spring Thursday". And we are exactly like that, while he’s a calm force, I’m impulsive, reckless, always in a dance of ideas and laugh and funny remarks or screaming, I mean singing with all my heart. While he brings tranquility, I’m the one who puts everything upside down.
March you are also my birth month, and when I’m not the kind of person who gets sad for aging another year, or feel the blues for not accomplish what I hoped that by certain age I should be doing, well, I accept things as they are, I enjoy the time that I had, and most importantly I’m grateful for my blessings, because even when I didn’t accomplish all my goals, probably I set my path in a different way, probably I focused on another idea that caught my attention, and maybe I finished other project that came totally out of the blue.

My not so love for you is precisely the change of seasons, while I’m grateful for the beautiful flowers you bring, that’s also a reminder that the fresh days are coming to an end, that the heating is going to be so damn great as opening the hell’s doors, and that once more, summer and its rains it’s approaching, which is the beginning of my fears and constant check on the river levels.
My plans for you march couldn’t be more different from what I hopped at the beginning of the year, still, I had lots of fun, and good experiences, I had not the best birthday since I had to work, but it was the best on the sense that people made me feel so loved and appreciated, the hugs were the best, because they were sincere.

You took someone related in some way with my life, and his parting was an important lesson. It was a sad and at the same time beautiful experience. And since it was a day after my birthday, it was a good reminder of my own mortality. I learned that what matters here is the people you left behind. He worked on a school and fought for that school when as usual some people were using their position to enrich themselves at expenses of others. Sad that he left the way he did, but beautiful to see all his students assisting to the funeral, crying for him, and now protesting for a change.
March thank you for the reminders, and now at your end you bring another reminder to take care of my body, now that I feel a little pain, and I’m worry, I compromise myself with a new challenge, with a new project that is for my total benefit, and it was all thanks to you my dear.

Can’t wait to see what new experiences you bring on 2018. Until then, chill out and relax!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

9:50 AM

It was my Birthday and Baker Street Podcast

On Wednesday 22nd was my birthday, and even when it was not what I planned, it was a good day and I had lots of fun, and treasured moments.

I'm grateful for the people in my life, for my family and friends and for be able to be here one more year!

So today I wanted to share with you a few of pictures of the things that I got and also good news!

Baker Street Potcast is already live, you can subscribe on Itunes and Soundcloud!

Here's the first episode, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Friday, March 17, 2017

7:19 AM

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and The Big Four - The Poirot Files

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
Murder Method: stabbing
On this installment of The Poirot Files, the story is narrated by Dr. Sheppard, a single man, living with his older sister, who just like him, is single. They came to an inheritance but was longer lost. She has a kind of net on the town, since she apparently knows everything of everyone, with the exception of their new neighbour, a peculiar old man, who according to Dr. Sheppard must had been a prestigious hairdresser. 
Roger Ackroyd was a wealthy man, who was well loved for the village people and respected, he was a widower tho her marriege wasn't a happy one. His late wife had a drink problem, sill he was most notorious for love he professed for his stepson, a young man who was the kind of person who liked to enjoy life, without considering the consequences.
One day, Dr. Sheppard is invited to dinner by Roger who trusted in him and who wanted to talk about certain subject. The subject in question was the death of Mrs. Ferrars, who everyone suspected had a relationship with Roger.
In confidence Roger reveals Dr. Sheppard that the death woman was indeed his fiancé, they were going to announce their relation and wedding plans soon, but the woman had a secret for which she had been blackmailed and in a desperate way out she committed suicide.
The night of the dinner in question, when Dr. Sheppard had returned home, a phone call was made, telling the doctor that it was the butler from Mr. Ackroyd house to reveal that the master was found dead.
The doctor goes immediately to the place to face the fact that Parker, the butler didn’t make the call, and the study in which the master was, was closed on the inside. The discover of the body and the fact that there was no doubt that it was murder would complicate the case.
The events that follow would involve the help of our dear Poirot.

The first thing to notice on this book is the absence of Hasting, on Poirot’s Early Cases we had a few stories without Hastings, but this is the first novel without him. To be honest I must say that I kind of missed, tho Dr. Sheppard made his narration quite interesting, and it was good to see another perspective involving Poirot.
The story itself was a good one, if not the best, blackmail, a secret marriage that I suspected and proved right, another couple in love and the simpleton who could look like he was trying to hard to hide the truth could deceive you, because the ending, oh dear, certainly I was not expecting that ending.

The Big Four 
The Big Four bring us a fantastic history, and I’m referring as fantastic because it was a little too much for me, well almost a little too much.
On this story, Hastings is back to surprise his good friend Poirot, but the surprise came on the other way because by arriving to Poirot’s apartment, he realize that the old man, as happy as he is to have Hastings back, he is leaving England, probably for good.
He’s going to work on a case of a famous millionaire, the payment is really good, and the possibility to stay in the new continent and visit frequently his good friend Hastings was too much tempting to the old man, that he couldn’t refuse the job. There’s something more, for some months now, Poirot has been listening about The Big Four, which appear to be a secret organization or something of the like, he’s intrigued by them, but there’s not much he can find out about them.
Before his departure, Poirot and Hastings are took by surprise, a man enters through the window and he appears to be in shock, he’s dirty and somewhat out of himself. The doctor is called and recommend  repose. Before the man faint, he mentioned something about a Chinese man, being number one, the American millionaire, being number two, a Frenchwoman, being number three, and the number four, the destroyer. Intrigued Poirot and Hastings consider this information carefully, should these four people being the organization that Poirot has been hearing about?
After some indications to the landlady, Hastings and Poirot took a train, the younger one is going to accompany his old friend to the port and later continue his stay in England to run some business.
But before they reach their destination, clarity came to our dear detective and they go out of the train and return to London, just to discover that the man is dead, and that the person who went to find him, didn’t work on the asylum as he mentioned to them, he was no other than number 4, the destroyer.
The book take us in an intense quest to bring down a powerful organization which is planning world domination, and in which the brain, number 1, the Chinese man, is behind of riots and probably other disasters. The millionaire in question is almost untouchable and the French woman is even more, being famous and well loved in her country.  And finally number four, the disguise man, the one nobody knows or at least not really, the one nobody can remember his face and who’s silly unnoticed think can give him away.
So far, this book is my least favorite, still I can’t deny that I enjoyed it.
We got Hastings back, and I must say that I missed his narrative style, the fact that he always shares his opinion and how he contradicts himself, sometimes complaining about Poirot, praising his genius, other times saying how vain he could turn.
I love Poirot’s cleverness, and absolutely have blind faith in the greatest capacity of his gray cells, but even that, it was a little too much.
He alone, well, with the help of silly Hastings discover and destroy the most powerful organization which secrecy had them on float for years.
The ending was ridiculous for say it nicely. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was reading it, especially because it was so out of character.
Still I gave this book 4 stars, like I said it was an entertaining reading, and I absolutely enjoyed reading about it, even when for moments I felt like it was too much fantastic to be true.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

7:00 AM

Coming Soon...

The other day I woke up with a new, reinforced inspiration, I was not sure how capable I was going to be capable to transform this idea in a reality, but I felt like it was possible. After a disappoinment from the bestie, who was probably in not his best mood -he usually is very supportive with my crazy ideas, and it was not like "don't do it", I was thinking maybe it could be a project in which both could work together, but he was more into "do it" but don't count me in.
I mentioned my idea to my other bestie and my little sister, and I couldn't express how grateful I am for their support. Both told me that it was great idea, that I should go for it, and that they supported me 100%.

What I love about them is that they are more practical and objective with my crazy ideas, they started asking questions such as "about what you are going to do it" or "what format", and when I came out with name ideas, they gave their point of view and together we came with it. They actually went further to say that they are willing to participate from time to time, which makes me so freaking happy about it! yes, my girls are gold, pure gold!
I would lie if I don't mention that the idea has been for a while, that I tried in the past and then forgot about it, but there's something different this time, because I feel inspired, I feel like there's so much to share, and excited, so excited for it.
So coming soon...

Monday, March 6, 2017

11:54 AM

Sherlock DIY Part 2 The Sign of Two

It's so true, if you don't catch the spark when the inspiration comes, you can loss the train. For the last few weeks I'm not been feeling in the mood to finish my Sherlock DIY. Work, life, you name it, but finally during the free days that I had at the end of February, and after a rewatch of one of Sherlock's episodes, the inspiration hit me hard again, and I loved it! Hope you enjoy these simple but I think interesting DIY Sherlock inspired.

Calendar of Sherlock

The Case-book of Sherlock
The Sign of Two

a design of your like 
two brushes, one small for the details and the other one bigger for cover more space quickly
a sharpie
scissor and cutter
a piece of wood (the one used was from the christmas tree)
a wooden box 
a piece of wood 
a metal hanger
white and black paint (I used acrylics)
for the Calendar:
sturdy paper
the design of your like
quotes from Sherlock

Friday, March 3, 2017

10:12 AM

Dear February

Dear February
You’ve always been one of my favorite months, you are so weird and unique, the only one short and the only one with the most ridiculous and most beautiful celebration on it. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s day, the pink day as I call it. I wrote about the reasons why I love the day, and how it doesn’t matter to be single or in a relationship to enjoy it.

Also I celebrated the first anniversary of Falkor, which has been my biggest challenge.
Still, not everything was hearts and love, I had a few rough days, well, basically when we were approaching to your end, because I’m selfish, but I think I was right, I deserved to enjoy the two days that I had free, to be at home, alone and enjoy myself without justifying myself to anyone.
Still I got a reminder of being kinder through Lenna’s video, with you ending, a new period start and I need to be kinder, to be the better me.

Thank you for the experiences, for the good and also for the bad moments, for the joy, the happiness and the love.
P.S. Cant we just take a moment to appreciate how dramatic and silly this boy of mine is?, He won the Oscar to the best friend and of course the loveliest dog ever!

And since we are saying not goodbye February, I will see you next year, but before I leave you with some of my favorite moments on video format!.

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