Monday, April 24, 2017

Shine Little Star

I was planning to write another review, since I have a few to share, still, something more important forced me to write another post, and the reason is friendship.
I’m the kind of person who make fun of corny things, but not today. Today I’m grateful and blessed for the love and support that I have, and one of the most important comes with the name of Samantha, sounds simple right? But let me tell you some things about her.

Laugh is contagious, people say, but she takes this matter to the next level!

She can transform a simple photo session in a quite interesting evet

She sings the weirdest songs which make you draw her dancing!

She gives the best, most thoughful presents

She has the most amazing fashion sense

And last but not least, she’s the kind of person you can spend the night waiting for a website to be open, and then fall to sleep just minutes before the question comes, to later ask you the answer and procedure, and even later go and get tattoos to celebrate! (Couldn't find her screen shot or her lighting tattoo)

But I think the most important aspect of her, is that she's one of the best friends in the world, the most kind and caring girl, and I feel bless every single day for her friendship, you are my little star Samita, keep shining girl!

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